Elizabeth Lee is excited to share with you her knowledge of looking your best, every day.

Elizabeth Lee is excited to share with you her knowledge of looking your best, every day. Your facial type is determined by the position of facial bones. This will never change. Age or weight cannot change the beauty that God created you with. The only thing that gives the illusion or appearance of a different, more-perfect face, is where ad how you apply your makeup. Remember this one rule: Dark pushes back, and light brings out, to create depth. 
Where you apply your makeup, where you part your hair, and where you add volume to certain areas of your face with darker or lighter products will help you be your best!

The importance of knowing where to apply both light and dark contouring colors to your face is the most important concept you will learn with Elizabeth Lee. Do you know your face shape? 


This is considered perfect because of the same proportions that are found in each area of an oval face. Any hair style is suitable.


This face shape is close to oval, but is characterized by having a smaller chin line. This area of the face would need contouring.


The most significant difference in this face shape is the narrowing in both forehead and chin areas. Contouring, combined with proper hair cutting, can give you the illusion of an oval face shape.


This facial shape has added fullness at temple areas, as well as bone-lines of the chin area. Again, contouring this section can easily help this face type appear oval.


Square face types have a wider, firm jawline, and extra width at the temple. Simply adding a darker base in these areas brings balance.


Pear face shapes are defined as very narrow foreheads combined with a fuller jawline. This signifies that the forehead needs widening, while the jawline needs contouring.


This is a narrow and longer face shape that needs width.